• The teacher education student is having a conversation with an academic.
  • The teacher education student is in the first year of Master of Teaching degree.
  • He has completed his first teaching placement in a secondary school.
  • This school is an independent Catholic secondary school (n=1160) in a major urban area.
  • This resource is an example of a useful activity for teacher education students to explain their understanding of ICT in the classroom and strategies they can implement in their teaching. Such discussions allow teacher education students to reflect on their knowledge and understanding of curriculum and syllabus requirements.

Implement teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students.


The teacher education student demonstrates 2.6.1 ‘Graduate achieved’ through:

  • Developing a lesson that links to syllabus outcomes/objectives.
  • Implementing available ICT resources in project-based learning and KLA appropriate software.

G: The goal for the teacher education student is 2.6.1.

R: The teacher education student has satisfied ‘Graduate achieved’ for 2.6.1.

O: What specific mentoring strategies could you employ with this teacher education student to help him move towards ‘Graduate exceeds’ for 2.6.1?

W: What is the next step you would negotiate as a goal for him? What will you do as a Mentor to help him achieve this goal?

G: To implement teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students.

R: Which level of the graduate continuum are you currently at for 2.6.1? Refer to recent feedback you have received.

O: What specific actions could you take to demonstrate your understanding of teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities?

  • What specific personal learning goals could you set based on your teaching experience implementing teaching strategies using ICT?
  • What ICT resources exist at your school?
  • What subject/KLA/stage appropriate software is available to you in the classroom?
  • What teaching strategies are enhanced through the use of ICT?
  • How could the content of your teaching and learning programs integrate ICT?

W: What is your next step in improving your understanding of ICT resources in the enhancement of learning opportunities?

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