• The teacher education student is receiving feedback from her supervising teacher.
  • The teacher education student is attending her first placement in her second year of her teaching degree.
  • This school is a large primary school (n=805) in a suburban area.
  • This resource is an example of a post-lesson reflection. The teacher education student reflects on her lessons and demonstrates her understanding of assessment and curriculum in the design of learning sequences and lesson planning.

Use curriculum, assessment and reporting knowledge to design learning sequences and lesson plans.


The teacher education student demonstrates 2.3.1 ‘Working towards graduate’ through:

  • Using the school program as a basis for designing lesson plans and assessment of learning.
  • Seeking assistance from a Mentor to access information about curriculum documents to design learning sequences.

G: The goal for the teacher education student is 2.3.1.

R: The teacher education student is ‘Working towards graduate’ for 2.3.1.

O: What specific mentoring strategies could you employ with this teacher education student to help her move towards ‘Graduate achieved’ for 2.3.1?

W: What is the next step you would negotiate as a goal for her? What will you do as a Mentor to help her achieve this goal?

G: To use curriculum, assessment and reporting knowledge to design learning sequences and lesson plans.

R: Which level of the graduate continuum are you currently at for 2.3.1? Refer to recent feedback you have received.

O: What specific actions could you take to demonstrate your understanding of curriculum, assessment and reporting?

  • What specific personal learning goals could you set based on your teaching experience designing assessments and learning sequences?
  • What assessment examples are available from your Mentor?
  • Have you consulted all relevant curriculum documents as you design learning sequences and lesson plans?
  • Could you ask for advice from colleagues to develop marking rubrics and assessment criteria that relate to learning outcomes?

W: What is your next step in improving your understanding of curriculum, assessment and reporting? Set yourself a timeline.

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