• The teacher education student is demonstrating her ability to include a range of teaching strategies in a Year 11 creative writing lesson.
  • The teacher education student is attending her final day of her internship.
  • This school is a co-educational secondary school (n=805) in a suburban area.
  • Recording lesson demonstrations is a useful activity as it allows teacher education students to reflect on their ability to include a range of teaching strategies in their lessons.

Include a range of teaching strategies in teaching.


The teacher education student demonstrates 3.3.1 ‘Graduate achieved’ through:

  • Demonstrating the ability to plan and incorporate a range of teaching strategies.
  • Including an extended range of teaching strategies.
  • Drawing upon learnt pedagogical knowledge to adapt, improvise and inform the teaching of content and outcomes, as well as class management.

G: The goal for the teacher education student is 3.3.1.

R: The teacher education student is ‘Graduate achieved’ for 3.3.1.

O: What specific mentoring strategies could you employ with this teacher education student to help her move towards ‘Graduate exceeds’ for 3.3.1?

W: What is the next step you would negotiate as a goal for her? What will you do as a Mentor to help her achieve this goal?

  • What teaching strategies could you demonstrate for your teacher education student?

G: To include a range of teaching strategies in lesson programming.

R: Which level of the graduate continuum are you currently at for 3.3.1? Refer to recent feedback you have received.

O: What specific actions could you take to include a range of teaching strategies?

  • How could you select and use relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem-solving and critical thinking?
  • What other teaching methods could you integrate to cater for group learning?
  • How could you promote student learning through other diverse and stimulating teaching practices?

W: What is your next step to include a range of teaching strategies in your teaching practice? Set yourself a goal.

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