• The teacher education student is in the third year of a Bachelor of Education degree.
  • The teacher education student is completing his second teaching placement.
  • This school is a medium size school in a coastal town.
  • In this lesson, students learn about traffic and road safety.

Demonstrate the capacity to organise classroom activities and provide clear directions.


The teacher education student demonstrates 4.2.1 ‘Graduate achieved’ through:

  • Learning and using students’ names.
  • Introducing the lesson on road safety with a quick discussion to check the background knowledge of students.
  • Providing goals for the lesson and clear instructions of what will come next e.g., students need to complete worksheets after watching the video.
  • Explaining what students need to do with the three worksheets. The instructions are clear and when students don’t understand something (e.g. ‘hazards’), the teacher education student elicits answers from the class.
  • Delivering timed lessons e.g., students are provided time to complete their worksheets until recess.

G: The goal for this teacher education student is 4.2.1.

R: The teacher education student has achieved 4.2.1 at graduate level.

O: What specific mentoring strategies could you employ with this teacher education student to help him move towards ‘Graduate exceeds’ for 4.2.1?

W: What is the next step you would negotiate as a goal for this teacher education student? What will you do as a Mentor to help him achieve this goal?

G: To organise classroom activities and provide clear directions and to move up on the 4.2.1 graduate continuum.

R: Which level of the graduate continuum are you currently at for 4.2.1? Refer to recent feedback you have received.

O: What specific actions could you take to improve the inclusive, positive engagement and interactions of all students in classroom activities?

  • Could you design other activities to maximise student learning?
  • Could you use other resources that are also responsive to student learning goals and outcomes?
  • Could you design group activities for students to learn from each other in the given time?

W: What is your next step in organising classroom activities and providing clear directions to students? Try to formulate a specific goal.

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