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Grassroots Research Strategy

“Everyone looks to the Deans for direction!”

From 2022-2023 the NSWCDE funded a collaborative project to co-create an educational research strategy. The Grassroots Research Agenda responded to and challenged contemporary issues in education, with the aim to drive an innovative agenda for educational research. Participation in this research included 181 regional and metropolitan education leaders (principals and deputy principals), teachers, academics, curriculum/policy writers, departmental and independent sector colleagues, parents/guardians, and children and young people. Through a series of progressive group forums within three transdisciplinary world cafés, conducted both online and face-to-face, the participants responded to three videocast provocations as an orientation. They were then presented with eight questions as further provocations, to undertake a snowballing data collection and analysis process. Participants’ responses were captured through multiple platforms to apprehend and co-create key research priorities.

The current pressing issues in education, including teacher retention and attraction, inclusivity and accessibility, and climate change, should and must be addressed through imminent educational research. Recommendations that were generated through the forums emerged across six strategic research drivers, which centre the educational research agenda. They are:

  1. Determining education for who and what;
  2. Authentic explorations on inclusivity and accessibility for all learners;
  3. Climate, Country and education as a pressing contemporary assemblage;
  4. High-quality education in contemporary times;
  5. Attracting and retaining successful, motivated, and capable teachers; and,
  6. Effective, relevant, and attuned (quality) teacher education.

Attached is the NSWCDE Grassroots Research Strategy report.

NSWCDE Grassroots Research Strategy

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