The Nomadic Educator

3 June, 2021

The Nomadic Educator By Erica Cervini Susan Ledger, the new Dean of Education at the University of Newcastle, has drawn on her lived experiences in rural, remote and international schools around the globe to inform her teaching, learning and research. One of Susan Ledger’s grandfathers was a Norwegian whaler who jumped shipped in Albany in […]

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When Teaching And Technology Interact

10 May, 2021

When Teaching And Technology Interact   By Erica Cervini   Barney Dalgarno’s passion for teaching has encouraged him to question the pedagogical links between education and technology. During his career, he has come up with innovative approaches to teaching technology in schools and at the university level.  When Barney Dalgarno was a teenager in the […]

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Travelling Sparks a Passion for Learning

14 December, 2020

Travelling Sparks a Passion for Learning Professor Lauren Stephenson discovered her life-long career in education and a curiosity for research while living and working overseas. A love for languages and a yearning to see the world opened up a path for Professor Stephenson to enter teaching, a career she had not originally contemplated. She had […]

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A Life Lived Alongside Brush Turkeys, Whipbirds – and Academics

26 November, 2020

A Life Lived Alongside Brush Turkeys, Whipbirds – and Academics By Erica Cervini A fascination with ecology has led Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles to devote her life to doing ground-breaking research in environmental education and in improving ecological literacy in schools. As a child, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles built forts and rode her bike to school every day. She […]

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Challenging Teachers’ Belief Systems

10 November, 2020

Challenging Teachers’ Belief Systems   By Erica Cervini   Kim Beswick realised from an early age how teachers’ belief systems can influence their expectations of students. This awareness has guided Professor Beswick’s teaching and research. Kim Beswick’s teacher once accused of her cheating because she didn’t think that a student from her background could have […]

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Following in her teacher’s “magical” footsteps

28 October, 2020

Following in her teacher’s “magical” footsteps   By Erica Cervini After studying Indonesian in the first year of high school, Lesley Harbon decided to pursue a career in teaching languages. Later, she began researching issues related to cultural awareness and language teaching.   In her first year of high school, Lesley Harbon became mesmerised by […]

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Offering new knowledge and exposing misconceptions about Early Career Teachers

8 October, 2020

A new book co-edited by Michele Simons reveals her love for research and for debunking misconceptions about education. -A member profile by Erica Cervini-   Michele Simons knew that if she wanted to pursue research she would have to join the academy. It was a goal she relished. “I just fell in love with doing […]

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2020 NSW Council of Deans of Education Conference (20 August 2020)

22 August, 2020

Our annual conference was hosted by Southern Cross University’s School of Education on 20 August 2020. The event was held via Zoom on the theme of “Education in times of Disruption: Criticality, Creativity and Connectedness”. The program is available here.

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Transforming lives

13 November, 2019

Reflecting on what happens in the classroom and using current research are keys to making good decisions about students’ learning, says Mary Ryan.

Member profile by Erica Cervini

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Studying teaching online has benefits for many

11 November, 2019

Students and graduates explain why online study is the best fit for them, while an education professor debunks myths about off-campus education courses.

Article by Erica Cervini

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